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  • Grounding the Abstract Research Topic: Using games to get tangible with the intangible

    During this presentation and collaborative workshop, members of the research team invite participants to discover and apply the design principle of 'tangibility' to research methodologies. Workshop activities will demonstrate how tangibility yields better research, especially when project topics are abstract and intangible in nature.

  • Research for Startups at Built In Chicago

    Michael Winnick will be sharing thoughts on research for startups at the first annual Built In Chicago Design Conference. Focusing on the theme of design as a competitive advantage the conference seeks to raise the value of design thinking in the new digital economy. Michael will discuss how to plan and execute design-led research to reveal insights into consumer behavior, leading to brand and design strategy.

  • Using immersive experiences to build empathy

    Martha Cotton and Brynn Freeman are speaking and presenting an empathy-building experience at the Per­form­ing the World 2012 conference that will be a marathon “per­for­mance of con­ver­sa­tion” with peo­ple from all over the world — schol­ars and researchers; edu­ca­tors, ther­a­pists, social work­ers, youth work­ers; doc­tors and other health work­ers; the­atre, applied the­atre and other per­for­mance artists; social activists and com­mu­nity orga­niz­ers; busi­ness lead­ers and phil­an­thropists; film, video and media cre­atives.

  • The irrational choices behind innovative change

    People have a strange relationship with change - they both crave it and avoid it. Introducing innovative new products and services means asking people to change (and making that change the craveable kind!). The combination of iterative design and behavioral economics can help us develop and test hypotheses about how we create change people want. Building from a couple seminal topics in behavioral economics - loss and time - Ann Hintzman will look at how to structure hypotheses about barriers to change and craft offerings with greater appeal at the Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business S12 Conference: PSYCH! Marketing To The Mind.

  • How is Design Research different than Market Research?

    Market Research isn't always the best tool for anticipating new opportunities or delivering value in a new way. Design Research grew up out of a need to turn insight into innovation. This talk will examine how each methodology is different and can compliment each other. Martha Cotton will dive into defining, discussing and identifying opportunities for this Innovation Learning Network event.

  • Storytelling Workshop for Design for America

    Erin Huizenga and Robert Zolna will be holding a storytelling workshop for the Design for America summer studio students at Northwestern University on September 3rd. As part of their 'building to learn' approach they will talk about the value of storytelling in the design development process and share best practices around storytelling as a tool for building user empathy and making abstract concepts understandable and actionable.

  • Design Research Workshops for Design for America

    To help interdisciplinary student teams kick off their social innovation projects, Carey Stansbury and Nadeem Haidary will be running a user research workshop and Carey Stansbury and Joey Nakayama will be running a Synthesis & Analysis workshop for Design for America's summer studio at Northwestern University. Part theory and part practice, they will introduce concepts behind design research as well as share methods and tips from the field.

  • Market Research in the Mobile World

    Michael Winnick is speaking this Thursday at the Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) North American Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. His talk is entitled, "Keeping it Real" and he'll be sharing about dScout and his vision for its future.

  • CreativeMornings featuring Rick Valicenti

    We will be hosting Creative Mornings here at gravitytank, featuring Rick Valicenti, as part of AIGA Chicago's Design Week. For the first time, all 29 CreativeMornings chapters will be hosting their events under one common, unified theme: The Intersection of Arts + Technology, presented in partnership with the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

  • Behavioral Economics & Innovation at the Institute of Design Summer Camp

    Many innovations that deliver on real user need, still fail to win consumers. This talk by Ann Hintzman draws upon Behavior Economics to understand some of the predictable dynamics that form barriers or lures to new product adoption.

  • An Innovative Summer Jobs+ App Announced at the White House Today

    The Summer Jobs+ initiative is a new call-to-action for businesses to provide pathways to employment for low-income and disconnected youth this summer. Today we got top billing in the first-ever White House Code Sprint, using the Summer Jobs+ API to show summer jobs available near users through the platform that we've been building in collaboration with the Living Classrooms Foundation. This app supports the goal of connecting America’s youth with summer job opportunities via digital platforms they are already familiar with and use in their daily lives.

  • Storytelling to communicate research insights

    Dave Sonders and Martha Cotton are speaking about storytelling as a means for communicating research insights and creating the conviction needed to drive innovation within large organizations. The talk will be a closed session at the Conference Board's Council on Marketing Research in Phoenix, Arizona. 

  • Larger than life visual note-taking

    Craighton Berman will be the official graphic recorder for TEDxSanJoseCA 2012, bringing the lectures to life through larger than life visual note-taking, done in real time.

  • One Good Deed Chicago: LAUNCHED!

    One Good Deed Chicago began rolling out its gravitytank designed campaign around the city today. We partnered with the Mayor's Office of Chicago to launch this new initiative which connects and inspires Chicagoans to participate in both one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities.

  • IDSA Midwest Conference 2012

    Jenn Schiffman and Defne Civelekoglu are speaking at this year's IDSA Midwest District Conference in April. They will be discussing how we are striving to shift the paradigms of traditional focus grouping to concept shaping—a way to collaboratively work with clients and research participants to build and shape ideas that can enable richer, more authentic conversations.

  • Okner Symposium at Northwestern

    Northwestern University will be hosting the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (CADMEF) Okner Symposium on Friday, February 24th and our own Jenn Schiffman will be leading a roundtable discussion that will enable marketing students to learn about ethnographic research as it relates to business and design strategy.

  • Michael Kiser helps students embrace creative anxiety

    As a visiting alum at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, gravitytank writer and design lead, Michael Kiser, spoke about his education and career story through the lens of turning creative anxiety into creative momentum. He worked with literature, writing, design, and art students to uncover hidden barriers to creativity through tool, process and deliverable experimentation.

  • Powerful Storytelling

    Innovation consulting is as much about building conviction through compelling storytelling as it is about coming up with the next billion-dollar idea. Martha Cotton, Brynn Freeman and Antonio Garcia will be speaking on "Influencing Organizations through Powerful Storytelling" at the Society of Consulting Psychology conference in Pasadena, California.

  • Chris Conley speaking at the Cultural Impact Conference

    Chris will be speaking about creative work cultures at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology's Cultural Impact Conference. He will be talking about the importance of culture in shaping successful new services and discussing specific techniques that can be applied in any organization looking to be more successful in their innovation efforts.

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