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  • 2010 Feast Conference

    gt strategists at "The Feast" -- a cross-disciplinary series of programs addressing social innovation and new ways to make the world a better place.

  • Engineering, Design & Innovation

    Research Partner Martha Cotton guest lectures at Northwestern University.

  • “Making Ethnography Meaningful & Engaging”

    Research Partner Martha Cotton speaks to Columbia College faculty at the Transdisciplinary Design 2020 Symposium in Chicago.

  • “Why Design Now? Solving Global Challenges” hosted by Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and GE

    Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and GE host gravitytank founder Chris Conley for a presentation on using design as an agent for change. The conference, focused on design thinking, includes leaders from education, business, and design.

  • Innovation Council at gravitytank

    Innovators from Fortune 500 companies descend on 114 W Illinois for two days of best-practice sharing.

  • Innovation Learning Network

    gravitytank to host a virtual learning session on storytelling as a generative tool for 50 leading healthcare providers and non-profits.

  • Robert Zolna and Edwin Lee teaching at Institute of Design

    "Storytelling through data visualization," a communication design workshop, teaches the telling of stories through data, with the understanding that smart, clear and visually compelling representations of data drive understanding, empathy and action.

  • Pecha Kucha

    Robert Zolna and Jenn Schiffman talking about using inspiration from entertainment, social media, education, and other sources to continuously evolve the gravitytank research practice.

  • EPIC (Ethnography Praxis in Industry Conference) in Tokyo

    As a member of the advisory board and co-chair alumnus, Martha Cotton hosts a workshop with Neal Patel of Google, Adrian Slobin and Todd Cherkasky of Sapient entitled “Ethnography and Quant: Scenes from an Unlikely Marriage.””

  • iOpener 2010

    Chris Conley speaks at iOpener 2010 in Chicago. 120 CIOs are sharing how a wide range of companies are innovating, what jobs are being created that didn't exist 3 years ago and how other companies of all sizes are recruiting staff with innovative DNA.. iopener/2010

  • gt AIR: Johanna Zorn

    The director of The Third Coast International Audio Festival and host of NPR's Re:Sound visits GT to discuss the art of audio storytelling

  • British Council Innovation Workshop

    Select members of the Transatlantic Network 2020, 150 influencers from business, civil society, the arts, science and media in 21 countries here to innovate around public-private partnerships.

  • AIGA Studio Walk

    GT hosts the AIGA as part of the organization's first-ever Design Week celebration in Chicago.

  • Innovation Learning Network Workshop

    50 leaders from healthcare organizations and nonprofits at gravitytank to learn storytelling for two purposes: as a tool for idea generation and a conviction-builder.

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