gravitytank team wins Records for Life Competition

We are honored to announce that the gravitytank team has won the Records for Life contest, an initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The contest was launched to create more effective child immunization records for countries in the developing world. Our winning submission, named ‘Pasteur’ after the vaccine pioneer, sought to address the challenges of accuracy, accessibility and ease-of-use around child health records. These records are a critical tool to protect children from preventable diseases and, ultimately, save lives.

Award winners on stage.

Pasteur is comprised of three parts: An immunization booklet with an intuitive visual layout for tracking information, a booklet holder featuring a photo of the child — making it both a sturdy object and an enduring memento of childhood — as well as educational cards on family health topics like pregnancy, infant care and vaccination schedules. More information on Pasteur can be downloaded here.

Out of 312 submissions, the top 40 finalists underwent testing in India, Kenya, and Indonesia by focus groups consisting of families and healthcare workers. The contest results were announced at the 2014 IxDA conference in Amsterdam.

Facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team, Pasteur kicked off last August. “We approached this challenge like we do any other gravitytank project by bringing together a group of passionate designers, researchers, and strategists who always kept the users (in this case, parents and healthcare workers) at the core of our work,” said researcher Elena Valentine.

Award winners on stage.

Moving forward, all ten finalists’ submissions will be shown to global health organizations. The goal will be to empower and support each country in their implementation of new child vaccination records solutions. While no one design is presently ready to be brought to market, a holistic solution may be pulled together using features found across submissions.

Please join us in congratulating the gravitytank team: David O’Donnell, Amy Guterman, Arielle Deane, Nick Maschinski, Elena Valentine, Andrew Bates and Tiffany Huang.