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Building end user empathy on a global scale to drive meaningful product design

gravitytank worked with Skype on a number of initiatives that ranged from defining their mobile strategy to helping understand optimal communication experiences and articulating their diversification strategy. Each program included research in multiple countries, resulting in a significant amount of information for the team to analyze and synthesize. gravitytank and Skype took an innovative approach to communicate our findings and recommendations. This work has been featured in the book “Communicating the New” by Kim Erwin (Wiley, 2013).


Working in collaboration with the Skype team, gravitytank created a range of project deliverables to facilitate learning and action among Skype’s international teams:

  • World Tour game that represented a series of interactive exercises to facilitate collaborative learning within the Skype product design team
  • distillation of research findings into market infographics and summaries that were distributed to marketing, business strategy and development teams
  • communication materials for executive teams
  • multiple project outputs, encompassing raw research data to final reports that were compiled into a searchable digital binder




Digital Technology

Featured Outcomes

Concept design animations
Global qualitative research insights
Diversification strategy
Searchable database of all project materials

A peek into the World Tour game

“gravitytank’s acumen and understanding of Skype's challenge really showed in the work.”
— Gisela Gier, Senior Researcher, Skype


Our partnership with Skype allowed us to push the notion of deliverables, exploring new ways of communicating and delivering impact at the same time.

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