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Scout Alarm

Disrupting the home security market with user-centric products and experiences

The home security market is ripe for innovation. Enter Scout Alarm, a Chicago-based startup intent on disrupting the market with an innovative business model and a user-centric security experience. gravitytank believes that the young company has the $15B market in its crosshairs. For this reason, we decided to make an equity investment in Scout with shared risk and shared reward. gravitytank has partnered with Scout Alarm in engagements that challenge the typical investor startup relationship. We have acted as a strategic partner, contributing strategy, research, and design muscle to Scout Alarm in order to push Scout’s relationship with consumers and market readiness to its full potential.


Home security has barely changed in twenty years: customers see security as a commodity, and providers see customers as an annuity. Dated technology, expensive multi-year subscriptions and one-size-fits-all products dominate. Meanwhile, 83% of the country goes without security1. Scout Alarm's mission is to leverage the latest technology to make security affordable and give consumers flexibility.

When we first met, the Scout team was working at a breakneck pace to finalize engineering specifications for their unique security products, leaving some important decisions dangling. We invited them to work with us for a one-week design sprint to see how far we could push their business in just five days. Not only did the combined team quickly to life the user experience and category positioning, but we also realized that we worked extremely well together. This experience laid the groundwork for our subsequent equity partnership and continued collaboration.


Scout Alarm


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Featured Outcomes

Brand identity and positioning
Business model design
User journey mapping
Package design
Mobile user experience


“Teaming up with gravitytank is like strapping a jetpack onto Scout's back. It allows us to augment our team with design talent that a startup could never afford at this stage in our company's life. They’ve helped us refine our user experience, but also worked with us to nail down our brand identity and positioning relative to the rest of this constantly changing market.”
— Dan Roberts, Co-founder, Scout Alarm


Since the sprint, our relationship with the Scout team has grown into a close, collaborative partnership. As the Scout team geared up to begin shipping product, gravitytank dove in to help give their launch a jumpstart. The most important goal was to begin scaling the business—to acquire and convert lots of new users as quickly as possible. We assembled a team to give Scout’s growth mechanisms a full overhaul. First, we redesigned a new website from the ground up. Our work covered the website's information architecture, visual design, content development, and a custom-built shopping wizard to help buyers confidently select the right components for their home. The finished site can be accessed here.

With the website barely in our rearview mirror, we switched gears and began working on a demo video to help communicate the Scout value proposition and spark consumer interest during the official public launch. The team worked together to script, storyboard, shoot, and edit a video that makes Scout look as good on the screen as it does in real life.



gravitytank's collaboration with Scout Alarm has been a learning experience on both sides; we have challenged each other to work faster, leaner and harder across a range of different work streams. To date, the scope of our work has covered their business model, strategic positioning, pricing strategy, brand identity, packaging, installation experience, web and mobile UX, and shopping experience. We are excited about the progress Scout has made since the beginning of our journey and look forward to a maintaining a close partnership with them as their products hit the market.

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