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Congratulations to pii for Launching a 3D Printing Business Unit

3D printing has grown from a niche tool for makers to a technology with widespread application. Companies from all industries are looking for ways to leverage 3D printing’s capabilities of hyper customization, iterative prototyping and on demand printing.

gravitytank collaborated with pii over the last year to design a new 3D printing business. Already a leader in 2D printed personalized marketing communication, pii saw the opportunity to leverage 3D printing technology to deliver new value to clients.

We developed a hands on, collaborative process to guide pii customer entry into 3D printing and create tangible offerings. This process is known as Customer Shaping Sessions. In each session the 3D printing team works one-on-one with clients to generate new opportunities by immersing them in 3D printing technology.

We’re excited to have been a partner in pii’s 3D printing journey. For full details about the launch of the business unit, check out pii’s recent press release.

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Pooja Merai

Pooja Merai

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