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gravitytank is an innovation consultancy. We help clients grow their businesses, define new products and services, enter new markets and change their organizations.


Innovation Fable #1: A Tale of Two Quills

What should companies focus on when designing new products? How do you prioritize features in the design? Our first animated fable in a monthly series with Branding Magazine explores these questions.

The Power of Play

It has been a month since I returned from Iceland on an AIGA arranged trip to Hönnar Mars (Design March). As my aversion to cured meats and skyr subsides, I have been thinking back to the vibrant city of Reykjavik...

A Designer's Approach to Teaching

As design thinkers, we often take brainstorming for granted. We externalize our thoughts freely with one another to generate ideas, leverage lateral thinking and push past the obvious. At gravitytank we understand that brainstorming is not a solution, it’s only the beginning of ideation.